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Exploration Investments

Documents needed to create a file in order to get the bank facilities for exploration (natural or legal people):

- A recommendation from the financial provider. In order to get any loan facilities for exploration from the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade, one must provide a recommendation from the financial provider, Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade, regarding the confirmation of 30% of exploration activities, from the very Province’s Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade.

- A copy of the exploration license (permit)

- The attached questionnaire (filled up)

- A copy of the map of the region.

- A copy of the valid contract with the technical manager

- A copy of the exploration design

- A copy of the results of the inquiry from the related organizations (Department of Environment, Natural Resources, etc.)

For Legal People: Business ID, National ID, Economic Code

For Natural People: Economic Code

- The audited financial bills of the last two years of the firm

- The original water, electricity or phone bill of the applicant’s residence, or firm, or office, or workshop.

- The filled up Information Form:

Legal people with the copy of the documents (the announcement of establishment, the article of association, the recent  official newspaper of the country, a certified and original copy of all the pages of ID, the certified copy of the identity card of the applicant or the legal signatory members of the firm)

- The filled up Information Form for natural people: the certified copy of the identity card and the ID

- the payment receipt of 5000000 Rials to the Jam account number 339168283 of Mellat Bank, Golfam Branch, code 4/6514 to Mining Investment Insurance Corporation, on account of the insurance policy’s right due to the issuance of exploration investment insurance policy.

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