The Mining Investment Insurance Corporation Will Play Its Role in Mega Investments/The Corporation Needs a Regional and Trans-Regional Support

The Mining Investment Insurance Corporation Will Play Its Role in Mega Investments/The Corporation Needs a Regional and Trans-Regional Support
IMICRO’s chairman asked for new plans in accordance with the Mine and Mining Industry’s development purposes for the Mining Investment Insurance Corporation. “This corporation might as well play its role in mega investments.” Said Mr. Jafari.

According to the Mining Investment Insurance Corporation’s report, Vajih-O-Allah Jafari said, after presenting a report on Iranmico, “this supporting institution of the mining section has had some developments regarding small and medium-sized mines, but it is necessary that from now on it would take into account the mega investments in Mine and Mining industry more seriously and clearly.”

Mr. Jafari continued, in the meeting where many of the vices and managers of IMIDRO and Iranmico were present, “Iranmico should be present in the future mega investments in steel, copper, aluminum, deep discoveries, advanced and strategic material, etc.” According to Mr. Jafari, apart from national purposes, it is important the Corporation support the trans-regional purposes and programs as well. “By hiring consultants we can program the new purposes in a way that we could monitor and observe the things and processes, and how much we have done, in different periods of time.”

Issuing Insurance Policies Worth 961 Billion Tomans from March to October 2021

Before Mr. Jafari, Mr. Dehghani, the CEO of the Mining Investment Insurance Corporation, reported on the “more than 200% growth in issuing insurance policies” comparing to last year, from March to October 2021. “There have been issued many insurance policies worth 961 billion Tomans from March till October 2021, while the insurance policies issued in the whole last year were worth 475 billion Tomans,” said the CEO, “Many other insurance policies worth 1967 billion Tomans are now ready to be issued, and I predict the number to reach 2000 Billion until March 2022. The above mentioned proceedings has caused the direct employment of 930 people in the Mine and Mining Industry, and it is estimated that 1800 more people would be employed when the new insurance policies are issued.”

“There have been no new debts added to the previous ones, and the debts are reducing year by year. We are looking forward to increasing the Corporation’s capital to 1600 billion Tomans this year, so that apart from the variety of services we could provide, we could grant more facilities to the mining section with the help of banks. Increasing the capital up to 5000 billion Tomans is among our future plans.”

40% Reduction in Bureaucracy

“By canceling the processes that we didn’t need, we have witnessed a reduction of 40% in bureaucracy during the process of issuing insurance policies.” Said the CEO of the Mining Investment Insurance Corporation, “On new developments programs, we’re working on start-ups and supporting them, strengthening our cooperation for providing and making mining machinery, deep excavations, diggings, discovering strategic and rare elements, semi-industrial pilots, productions in semi-industrial scales with high technology, and producing other products with the purpose of preserving the environment. For the first time we started supporting excavation companies this year”

Different people in this meeting including Jamshid Mollarahman, IMIDRO’s board member, deputy of planning and empowerment Amir khorami Shad, the vice in IMIDRO’s mining and mining industry development plans Hesam Moghadam Ali, strategic planning and monitoring manager Somaie Kholusi and IMIDRO’s mining manager Omid Emami, presented their ideas on the corporation and the present potentials for its cooperation with IMIDRO, and the development of the mining section.


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