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The Corporation’s Perspective

According to the s. 31 of the Mines’ act, and the corporation’s article of association, The Mining Investment Insurance Corporation provides these services in order to decrease the risk of getting the mining license and exploration/discovery investments.

A: Providing insurance coverage to secure the investments (investment insurance policies) including:

- Insurance coverage for the dangers which may result in permanent or temporary suspensions of operations like exploration/discovery, extraction, ore dressing and mineral processing.

- Insurance coverage for dangers which might compromise the estimated results in the approved exploration/discovery operations and mine construction.

- Insurance coverage for dangers which may render the extraction, ore dressing or mineral processing operations uneconomic.

B: Granting facilities in order to provide for the financial needs of the investors through credit insurance policies. The Corporation, covering all or some parts of the unwanted damages to mining activities in all the stages of discovery, extraction and processing, and guaranteeing some or all the granted loans to the mining investors through credit insurance policies according to its rules and regulations, is covering all the damages and dangers to these activities which overall decreases the risk of investment.

C: Providing consolers and suggestions to the miners in order for them to come up with the best decisions in mining activities.