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Production Credit Insurance

The documents mentioned below regarding natural and legal people are needed in order to complete the production unit file:

1- The copy of the production unit which is valid for 6 years or enough for the crediting time

2- Copy of: Production project, the report on the finished production operation, the production license, large-scale geology and topography maps, the mine survey

3- The filled out inquiry form (attached)

4- New photos of installation form etc. via CD

5- The copy of the valid contract with the technical manager

6- Information on the extraction and sale of minerals confirmed by the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade of the very province during the last two years

7- The filled out form regarding the natural people and the certified copy of the establishment announcement, article of association, the recent official newspaper of the country, a certified and original copy of all the pages of ID, the certified copy of the identity card of the applicant or the legal signatory members of the firm

8- For the legal people the Business ID, National ID and the Economic Code are needed.

9- For Natural People the Economic Code and the Business ID is needed.

10- The audited financial bills of the last two years of the firm

11- The Tax Return of the last two years

12- The filled out form regarding the information on the natural people and the certified copy of the identity card and national card

13- The original water, electricity or phone bill of the applicant’s residence, or firm, or office, or workshop

14- Sale documents such as: Bill of Lading, Weighbridge Receipt, the valid Contract of Sale regarding the mine, the sale financial statement which has the information on buyers, the price of each ton of the mineral, the paid money to the seller (during the last two months) and which is confirmed by the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade

15- The documents needed in case there is a processing unit on the mine site, or there is one being constructed:

1. A copy of the production permit or the construction license for the one being constructed.

2. Documents needed for the infrastructure: providing water, electricity, preparing the foundation etc.

3. Execution flow sheets and locating factory tools

4. Pro forma invoices regarding the needed tools and the documents of the current tools

5. Pilot studies and the processing unit’s technical and economical project with details

6. Legal licenses like Natural Resources, Electricity Distribution Company, Water Department etc.

Attached to the documents needed for the bank to give facilities, in case the file is confirmed:

Please do not send these documents separately. Please send these documents through hard copies of written forms.

Attention: After completing the documents and getting the confirmation from the insurance company, please pay the amount of 30000000 Rials the Jam account number 339168283 of Mellat Bank, Golfam Branch, code 4/6514 to Mining Investment Insurance Corporation, for visit the inspection in order to provide a technical report. Please send us the original receipt.

It is clear that the decisions made by this insurance company would be relying on the technical reports and according to the rules, and paying the inspection fee and sending the documents would not bind the company and the applicants in any way. In case of no receiving the documents on time, inspecting the issue and granting the insurance would no longer be a priority.

Attention: for more information on fixing any ambiguities, please call the reception 021-23591135